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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Romance Book Review: Ever Mine by Laura Pavlov

Ever Mine by Laura Pavlov is now live! Check out my spoiler-free review below.  You can download this small-town romance book for FREE in Kindle Unlimited.  Try Kindle Unlimited FREE for the first month here.

Ever Mine by Laura Pavlov Kindle Book

He's hockey's golden boy, my new client, and the man I've avoided for the last nine years. I was hired to fix him—but he's not the only one who's broken.

 Hawk Madden was my first love.

I thought he would be my forever.

But life wasn't always fair.

And grief could be a cruel beast.

Fight or flight?

I'd always run.

But now he's back in my life after all these years.

With one look.

One touch.

One kiss.

Old feelings resurface.

Feelings that I thought I'd buried a long time ago.

Hawk Madden was my first love...

I just didn't know that he'd be my last. 

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Ever Mine (Honey Mountain, #2)Ever Mine by Laura Pavlov
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ever Mine by Laura Pavlov Kindle Crack
I LOVE the Honey Mountain series by Laura Pavlov. The Thomas sisters are life. I love my sister, but can my favorite fictional siblings adopt me? This book has the perfect amount of sweet and heat. Hawk and Everly ❤️ I can't wait for Ash and Jace's book next! Ever Mine is small-town romance gold!

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Review: June First by Jennifer Hartmann is LIVE!

June First by Jennifer Hartmann is LIVE and FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited.  You need to one-click this forbidden romance. Check out my spoiler-free review below.  

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June First by Jennifer Hartmann Kindle


Want to know what happens to a man who barely claws his way out of a tragedy, only to fall right into the arms of the one girl in the world he can never have?


Another tragedy, that's what.


When I was six years old, my father made a choice that altered the course of my entire life.

Because of what he did, the only girl I ever loved became the only girl I couldn’t have.


In a lot of ways, I did have her… I had her first steps, her first words, her first smile. I had her milestones, her heartbreaks, her dreams. I had her heart so woven in with mine, I didn’t know where she ended, and I began.


Only, as the years pressed on, lines became blurred—and the blurrier the line, the easier it is to cross.


They say tragedy comes in threes.

For me, that was true.

The first one changed me, the second one broke me, and the third one healed me.


But at the center of all that tragedy… there is a love story. And at the center of that love story, There is June.

Review of June First by Jennifer Hartmann

June FirstJune First by Jennifer Hartmann
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

June First by Jennifer Hartmann is the epitome of Kindle Crack. This emotion-packed, coming of age and forbidden romance was unputdownable. Jennifer pulled on every last heartstring and wrung out every single possible emotion. Brant and June’s unconventional romance was perfectly imperfect. Their unique story tested family bonds, friendship, love, loss, and tragedy. Go into this book blind. June First is going on my Best of 2022 romance book list.

It’s official, Jennifer Hartman is going on my auto-one-click list!

June First by Jennifer Hartmann Kindle Crack

Meet Jennifer: 
Jennifer Hartmann image

Jennifer Hartmann resides in northern Illinois with her devoted husband and three hooligans. When she is not writing angsty love stories, she is likely thinking about writing them. She enjoys sunsets (because mornings are hard), bike riding, traveling, binging Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns, and that time of day when coffee gets replaced by wine. Jennifer is a wedding photographer with her husband. She is also excellent at making puns and finding inappropriate humor in mundane situations. She loves tacos. She also really, really wants to pet your dog. Xoxo.



Website | Newsletter | Bookbub | Instagram | Facebook | Facebook Reader Group | Twitter | Amazon | Goodreads | TikTok


Monday, December 20, 2021

The Plight Before Christmas by Kate Stewart is LIVE

The Plight Before Christmas by Kate Stewart is LIVE and one-click worthy.  This second chance holiday romance is one-click-worthy.  You can read it for FREE by using Kindle Unlimited! Try Kindle Unlimited for 3 months for 99 cents! Check out my spoiler-free review.

Try Kindle Unlimited for 99 cents for three months!  First-time users only.

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The Plight Before Christmas Kate Stewart Kindle Crack



Clark Griswold was onto something, at least with his annual holiday meltdown. And since the last three weeks of my life have been riddled with humbug—another breakup, a broken toe, an office promotion I deserved and didn’t get—I’m not at all in the mood to celebrate nor have the happ, happ, happiest Christmas EVER.

When Mom insisted that we all gather at my Grandparent’s ancient cabin for an old school family Christmas, I fully intended to get into the holiday spirit with the help of the three wise men, Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniels, and Jim Beam. But those boys did absolutely nothing to offset the shock or temper the sting of seeing my EX on our doorstep the first day of our holiday soiree.

Apparently, Santa missed the memo, and this elf is pissed.

Stuck for a week with the man who obliterated my heart nearly two decades ago, I did the only thing I could do and put on my game face, thankful for the home advantage.

I knew better than to drink that last cup of eggnog.

I knew better than to get tongue tangled beneath the mistletoe with the only man to ever break my heart.

I knew better than to sleep with Satan’s wingman on the eve of the Lord’s birthday.

I could blame the nog. I could blame the deceitful light blue eyes, thick, angelic hair, and panty evaporating smirk…but mostly, I blame Eli because he always knew exactly which of my buttons to push.

I foolishly thought a family Christmas filled with nostalgia was going to turn my inner Scrooge around, but this year’s festivities went up in flames. Leave it to the ghost of my Christmas past to be the one to light the match.

Fa la la la la, la FML.


The Plight Before ChristmasThe Plight Before Christmas by Kate Stewart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Are you looking for a hot and sweet, laugh-out-loud holiday treat? Here it is! The Plight Before Christmas by Kate Stewart needs to be your next one-click. I recommended this book even before I fished it last night. It’s that good!!! The Plight Before Christmas is full of the feels and fun, making this book a perfect second chance holiday romance.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

7 New Romance Books to Read Now

Check out these seven new contemporary romance book releases.  You might find your next favorite book!  I read and loved Saint by Sierra Simone.    You can find my review here.

Hard to Love by K.Bromberg -

Yours to Keep by Claudia Burgoa -

Saint by Sierra Simone -

Southern Sunshine by Natasha Madison -

Ravaged With You by Julie Kenner -

At First Hate by K.A. Linde -

Chasing Serenity by Kristen Ashley -

New Romance Books on Amazon

Thursday, August 26, 2021

I was Charmed!

Charmed by Laura Pavlov is LIVE and FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited.  I adore this series of standalone romance books.  Check out my spoiler-free review below! 

Try Kindle Unlimited for FREE for one month!







Charmed by Laura Pavlov on Kindle Crack

Title: Charmed

Series: Willow Springs #3

Author: Laura Pavlov

Genre: Small Town/Enemies to Lovers Romance

Release Date: August 26, 2021




Crew Carlisle is enemy number one.

He’s also my new boss.

I need this internship as much as Crew needs an ego lobotomy.

He’s arrogant, cocky, and annoyingly good looking.

Our families have despised one another since long before I was born.

The man loathes me, and he makes no effort to hide his contempt.

But everything I thought I knew isn’t as it seems.

And Crew isn’t who I thought he was.

I’ve never fully given my heart away, and this is the last man that I should give it to.

But walking away isn’t as easy as I expected.

Crew Carlisle is my kryptonite.

And falling for my nemesis is not an option.






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Spoiler-free Review

Charmed (Willow Springs, #3)Charmed by Laura B. Pavlov
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 Pavlov has thoroughly Charmed me with her writing. Charmed (Willow Springs #3) is a sexy and sweet, small-town office romance lovers treat. Charmed is the third book in this series and can be read as a standalone. I would recommend you read the first two Willow Springs books before Charmed (just because they are fantastic), and you'll get to know the other ladies in the Magic Willows girl gang. I love the women of Willow Springs and the men that consume their hearts. The Willow Springs series is refreshing and not to be missed.



#1 Frayed






Free in Kindle Unlimited


#2 Tangled







Free in Kindle Unlimited





#4 Sealed – Releasing November 11







#5 Claimed – Releasing January 27










Laura Pavlov writes sweet and sexy contemporary romance that will make you both laugh and cry. She is happily married to her college sweetheart, mom to two awesome almost-grown kids, and dog-whisperer to a couple crazy yorkies. Laura resides in Las Vegas where she is living her own happily ever after.   









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Monday, August 16, 2021

The Sinner by Emma Scott is LIVE! New PNR Review

The Sinner by Emma Scott is now live!  From USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Emma Scott, comes an emotional paranormal love story of passion, sacrifice, and the soul-deep love of a lifetime...more than one.  Check out my spoiler-free review below.  You can read The Sinner for FREE using Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. 

The Sinner by Emma Scott Book Cover

Shy, introverted Lucy Dennings lives a quiet little life in New York City, working for a nonprofit and keeping to herself. Every afternoon, she goes home to her empty apartment and Edgar, her houseplant, and every night, she loses herself in the pages of her beloved romance novels. Her lonely heart seeks solace in tales of passionate, enduring, all-consuming love, but more and more, Lucy feels she's not just reading for pleasure but searching for a lost piece of herself in the pages. As if she once touched something beautiful but it's been ripped away. 

Until one day Lucy discovers a dead body in the alley behind her apartment. Even if it's too late, her first instinct is to help. 

Her second is to run. 

Because the dead body isn't so very dead, and suddenly, her little world isn't so little but one in which dreams feel like memories, "inner demons" actually lurk in dark alleys, and a beautiful creature of darkness with amber eyes and wings like night might hold the key to what her heart has been aching for...if she doesn't fall down the path of eternal damnation first. 

Download today or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited  


Amazon Worldwide:


 Spoiler-free Review

The SinnerThe Sinner by Emma Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


The Sinner by Emma Scott Video Teaser Kindle Crack

I don’t read many paranormal romances, but when I heard that Emma Scott was writing a book featuring angels and demons, it was a no-brainer to read this one. I love her books and jumped at the chance to read her first PNR story. 

The Sinner was a unique love story about soul mates that transcends time. Emma delivered an emotion-packed story that brilliantly wove flashbacks from the past to bring this story full circle. There are second chance love stories, and then there is The Sinner! What a dark and delicious slice of heaven and hell, sacrifice and redemption. One-click worthy. 

Monday, July 12, 2021

Review: The Spark by Vi Keeland is LIVE!

The Spark by Vi Keeland is LIVE!  Check out my spoiler-free review.  This contemporary romance is one of my favorite reads of 2021! 

The Spark by Vi Keeland book cover
Title: The Spark

Author: Vi Keeland

Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 12, 2021




Before I even met Donovan Decker, I knew his shoe size.

You see, I’d gone away for a few days, and in my haste to get out of the airport, I’d grabbed the wrong suitcase.

After checking out the expensive footwear and tailored clothes, I dialed the number on the luggage tag hoping maybe Mister Big Spender might have my bag.

A deep, velvety voice answered, and as luck would have it, he had my suitcase, too.

Donovan and I met at a coffee shop to do the exchange.  

Turned out, it wasn’t just his voice that was sexy.  The man holding my luggage was absolutely gorgeous, and we had an immediate spark.

He got me to admit that I’d snooped in his bag and then convinced me to make it up to him by letting him buy me coffee.

Coffee led to dinner, dinner led to dessert, and dessert led to spending an entire weekend together. Donovan wasn’t just handsome with a panty-dropping voice.  He was also funny, smart, and surprisingly down to earth for a man who wore seven-hundred-dollar shoes. 

Did I mention he also did my laundry while I slept?

Definitely too good to be true.

So what did I do to repay him for his kindness?

I waited until he was in the shower, then ghosted him.

My life was too complicated for such a great guy.

In the months that passed, I thought about Donovan often. But New York City had eight-million people, so what were the chances I’d run into him?

Then again, what were the chances I’d run into him a year later…when I’d just started dating his boss?










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Spoiler-free review:  

The SparkThe Spark by Vi Keeland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Spark by Vi Keeland teaser video Kindle Crack 
"Just like the first time, it hit with a spark." 

I've felt this magical spark ever since I picked up my first book by Vi Keeland eight years ago. The Spark is total fire! I burned through the pages of this unputdownable book so quickly, when I only wanted to savor the irresistible chemistry between Decker and Autumn. This second chance romance stole my heart. Vi makes it impossible not to fall hard for her characters.

As you can read in the synopsis (spoiler free - this is written in the synopsis), the two meet because of a suitcase mixup at the airport. So get ready to pack your bags; you are about to embark on a swoon-worthy journey with Decker and Autumn on July 12th for this perfect summer escape. Along the way, you'll encounter "The Dick," a few memorable luggage items, and some emotional baggage in this heartfelt, sweet, and sexy, feel-good romance!   

If you are going to read one book this July, you need to put The Spark at the top of your TBR. The Spark is on my Best of 2021 list.

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Vi Keeland photo image Kindle Crack
Vi Keeland is a #1 New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author. With millions of books sold, her titles have appeared in over a hundred Bestseller lists and are currently translated in twenty-five languages. She resides in New York with her husband and their three children where she is living out her own happily ever after with the boy she met at age six.





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Monday, May 31, 2021

Review: Let Me Love You by Siobhan Davis is LIVE!

Let Me Love You, the highly-anticipated and jaw-dropping conclusion to the All of Me Duet from USA Today bestselling author Siobhan Davis, available now!  You can read this series for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!  Check out my spoiler-free review below. 

Try Kindle Unlimited FREE for one month

Check out my spoiler-free review of Say I'm The One (Book 1)

Let Me Love You by Siobhan Davis Book Cover


My heart and soul forever belong to two men.

It’s an irrefutable truth that won’t ever change.

Reeve is the air I breathe.

Dillon is the fire that consumes me.

How am I expected to live without a part of my heart?

Download your copy today!

Free in Kindle Unlimited 


Amazon Worldwide:

Start the duet with Say I’m the One!

FREE in Kindle Unlimited 


Amazon Worldwide:

Review of Let Me Love You

Let Me Love You (All of Me Duet #2)Let Me Love You by Siobhan Davis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Let Me Love You (All of Me Duet #2) picks up exactly where Say I’m the One (All of Me Duet #1) left off, at that heart-wrenching cliffhanger ending. Siobhan managed to put my heart through the wringer again! This emotionally gripping story of love, lies, and redemption is a page-tuner. I couldn’t get enough of Vivien, Dillon, and Reeve’s bitter and emotional roller-coaster ride romance.

The final book in the All of Me Duet will have all of you shedding a tear or two in this addictive, heartbreakingly beautiful second chance romance. Go in blind and be prepared to pull an all-nighter. 

About Siobhan

Author Siobhan Davis photo

USA Today bestselling author Siobhan Davis writes emotionally intense young adult and new adult romantic fiction with swoon-worthy romance, complex characters, and tons of unexpected plot twists and turns that will have you flipping the pages beyond bedtime!

Siobhan’s family will tell you she’s a little bit obsessive when it comes to reading and writing, and they aren’t wrong. She can rarely be found without her trusty Kindle, a paperback book, or her laptop somewhere close at hand.

Prior to becoming a full-time writer, Siobhan forged a successful corporate career in human resource management.

She resides in the Garden County of Ireland with her husband and two sons.

Connect with Siobhan

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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Review: The Glass Slipper by K. Webster

THE GLASS SLIPPER, a Cinderella novel, from K. Webster is NOW AVAILABLE! This is the third book in the Cinderella series. Check out my spoiler-free review below. This series must be read in order.

Buy Links for The Glass Slipper: 





Google Play:

*affiliate links

Read this series in order: 

1 Stroke of Midnight  -

2 Prince Charming -

3 The Glass Slipper - 

The Glass Slipper by K. Webster book cover


Betraying the most powerful man in New York wasn’t something I ever envisioned when I first started playing games with Winston Constantine. But he’s engaged in far more dangerous games than ours, and his enemies are out for blood.

Winston has my heart, the Morellis have incriminating photos, and I’m left with nothing except three stepbrothers who want to hurt me and a future in doubt. I knew Winston wouldn’t be my prince charming, but that didn’t stop me from falling for him.

After all, the slippers fit, and I let myself believe I’d be dancing with Winston forever.

Until too much truth comes to light.

Until I realize instead of ruling the board, I was just a pawn.

In the end, I have only one question. When his game with me is over, will I be able to pretend as if the glass slipper wasn’t a perfect fit?

Review of the Glass Slipper

The Glass Slipper (Cinderella, #3)The Glass Slipper by K. Webster
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Glass Slipper (Cinderella Book # 3) by K. Webster is the wickedly sexy and dysfunctional fairytale series conclusion to the Cinderella trilogy. This glass slipper is going to shatter every clean thought you remember about the original Cinderella story. Winston and Ash’s dysfunctional relationship is exposed along with a ton of secrets and lies. The idea of turning into a pumpkin at midnight is nothing compared to Winston Constantine’s hell-bent revenge. You need to read this series in order. It’s a page-turner for sure! The epilogue was so perfect. One-click worthy.

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