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About KCBR

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What is KCrack Book Reviews?

There is nothing like a book high; I am a book addict chasing that high. This blog is for haters or bashing.

My goals are simple:
Read and recommend epic romance novels.
Free PR/book reviews on heart-pounding books with ZERO tolerance for bashing authors and books.
Give readers daily recommendations, giveaways, book sales, and freebies lists! 

The chick behind the crack: 

Kindle Crack Book Reviews

I was a publicist for more than fifteen years in the publishing and technologies industries, rock band drummer, cheap wine connoisseur, heavy metal/hip-hop music lover, book whore, mother of two, and blogger.

I'm extremely active on Facebook book enjoying many relationships with friends and writers. I started KCBR after hearing my friends ask me the same question over and over "What was the name of that book you said I should read?”  I found myself sending dozens of texts and emails with title recommendations.  I decided to create my own romance book recommendations page. KCBR launched in February 2013.

So here I am years later, missing my PR career and wanting an outlet for my book-reading obsession. I combined my love of books and knack for publicity to create KCBR or KCBR LLC. I’m a pimp at heart, and there is nothing like creating a buzz for a product/person that you believe in. I understand how powerful word of mouth can be, so I started writing reviews for fun. I do not believe in bashing or posting anything negative. I do think writers pour their hearts into their work, and I would rather not write a review about a book I didn't enjoy.  It would be fair to say that 99% of my reviews are 4-5 stars.  My 1-3 star reads are not posted since I only believe in promoting books I absolutely love. 

I have reviewed more than 2,000+ books and post updates on my blog, Facebook page, Kindle Crack Book Reviews Daily reader group, Amazon, Instagram, Goodreads, Bookbub, Twitter, B&N, TikTok, and iBooks.

What do I review?
I enjoy reading contemporary adult romance, mature YA, and erotica.  I have a thing for rock band romances, angst-filled drama, forbidden love stories, love triangles, alpha males, MM romance, and spicy love stories.

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