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About KCBR

Disclaimer: Some of the Amazon Associate affiliate links on this website are affiliate links from which KCBR LLC receives a small commission from sales of certain items. This is at no cost to you.


Kindle Crack Book Reviews

What is KCBR?

KCBR is your go-to destination for honest and passionate book reviews. As a dedicated book addict, I'm constantly chasing the exhilarating high that comes from a fantastic read. I focus exclusively on sharing 4-5 star reviews, as I believe in promoting the books I truly love. Authors pour their hearts into their work, and I prefer not to write about books that I didn’t enjoy. My 1-3 star reads aren't shared since I only believe in promoting books I absolutely love. My goal is to uplift and celebrate the literary gems that captivate me.

About Me:

With over fifteen years of experience as a publicist in publishing and technology, I've honed my skills in creating buzz and fostering connections. Beyond my professional background, I'm also a rock band drummer, a cheap wine connoisseur, a heavy metal and hip-hop music enthusiast, and a mother of two. For the past eleven years, I've poured my heart into blogging at KCBR LLC, where I blend my love for books with my knack for publicity.

KCBR was born out of a simple yet persistent question from friends: "What was the name of that book you recommended?" To streamline my recommendations, I launched Kindle Crack Book Reviews in February 2013. This platform allows me to share my book-reading obsession and connect with fellow book lovers and authors.

My Review Philosophy:

At KCBR, I believe in the power of positive word of mouth. I write reviews for fun, driven by my passion for books and my desire to support authors. I do not charge authors for reviews, and KCBR LLC is not financially compensated for posting reviews or creating content. My reviews are a labor of love, aimed at promoting the books that have truly touched my heart.

What Do I Review?

I specialize in contemporary adult romances, with a particular fondness for:

  • Rock band romances
  • Angst-filled dramas
  • Forbidden love/taboo
  • Love triangles
  • Romantic suspense thrillers
  • MM romances
  • Small town romances
  • All things spicy 


Some of the Amazon Associate affiliate links on this website are affiliate links from which KCBR LLC receives a small commission from sales of certain items at no cost to you.

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Connect with Me:

I'm active on all major social media platforms and enjoy building relationships with fellow book enthusiasts and writers. Join me for daily updates, reviews, and bookish fun on my blog, Facebook page, Kindle Crack Daily Fix Reader Group, Amazon, Instagram, Goodreads, BookBub, B&N, TikTok, and iBooks.

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