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Friday, March 28, 2014

21 Indie Books to Watch Out For This Year - Kindle Crack Book Reviews HOT List of Books You Need To Know About

Kindle Crack Book Reviews HOT list of books to be released is finally here!  I have a good feeling a few of these indie titles are gong to hit the NYT/Amazon Best Sellers lists over the months to come. If you want my predictions...hit me up! Every book listed has a link to a synopsis.  Add these new adult book titles to your reading lists so you do not miss them.

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Prisoner by Claire Claire Contreras Release date: April 1st

Lead Me Not By A. Meredith Walters Release date: August 5th 
Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher Release date: April 18th

Taint by S.L. Jennings Release date: May 20th

The Road by Jay McLean Release date: TBD

Capturing Peace by Molly McAdams Release date: April 8th 

Easy Virtue by Mia Asher Release date: TBD (This is not the cover...but a teaser)

Perfectly Damaged by E.L. Montes Release date: April

A.L. Jackson – Come to me Softly by AL Jackson Release date: July 1

Rogue by Katy Evans Release date:  July 29

Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie McGuire Release date: July 1st

Something Like Normal by Monica James Release date: May 20th

To Fix You by Samantha Towle Release date: Sept-October

Fateful Allure by Jessica Sorensen Release date: TBD

Rellick by Teresa Mummert Release date:  October 28th

Waiting for the Cover - But had to mention!

Worth Forgiving #3 by Vi Keeland Release date: TBD

Bad Son Rising by Julie Richman Relase date: TBD

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Unbreakable by Rebecca Shea - Cover Reveal & Sale

Check out the gorgeous NEW cover for Unbreakable 
by Rebecca Shea created by Regina Wamba at 
Mae I Design....AND if that's not all there is a sale on Unbreakable and Undone
from 3/27-3/29. Get your copies today!

Jessica Harper is the epitome of perfection. She’s a good daughter, makes excellent grades, and always strays on the safe side of life.

The last thing she thought would ever happen was falling in love with her best friend’s brother. But
sometimes fate just has a way of bringing two people together.

Wide receiver for the University of Arizona, Gabe Garcia, seems to have it all. When his feelings for
Jessica come to surface, Gabe will give up everything to be with her.

But what happens when a tragedy abruptly changes the course of your life? For Jessica and Gabe,
everything they thought they knew about each other will be questioned. Sometimes, there are scars in
life that are cut too deep to completely heal.

Will their love prove to be unbreakable, or will it shatter and prove fate is just another lie?

*This book contains mature subject matter and is not intended for those under 17 years of age.*

Unbreakable Book Trailer:

Author Bio:
Rebecca Shea is the USA Today Bestselling author of Unbreakable. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with
her family and her beagle, Miles. From the time Rebecca could read she has had a passion for books.
Rebecca spends her days working full-time and her nights writing, bringing stories to life. Born and
raised in Minnesota, Rebecca moved to Arizona in 1999 to escape the bitter winters. When not working
or writing, she can be found on the sidelines of her sons football games, or watching her daughter at
ballet class. Rebecca is fueled by insane amounts of coffee, margaritas, Laffy Taffy (except the banana
ones), and happily ever afters.


Undone Links:

Unbreakable Links:

Sexy, Steamy & Sweet New Book!

Sexy, steamy and sweet all at the same time.... I love this delicious fairy tale.  Check out my review of Finding Autumn by Beth Michele.

Title: Finding Autumn
Author: Beth Michele
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance Novella
Release Date: March 27, 2014
Book Trailer -
A Novella 
My name is Autumn Winters.
The truth is, that's the biggest lie I've ever told. My real name is Olivia Redmund. Autumn Winters is the curtain I hide behind. You see, I write bestselling erotic romance novels. But my life is far from erotic. The only fantasy exists in my head. The day I met Hunter Grayson, that all changed. A handsome stranger on a train who turned my world upside down, made me think and feel things I never knew were possible. But he's hiding, too. What happens when I slowly realize that who I truly am is more similar to who I'm pretending to be? I want to be brave enough to tell the world, but the fear is crippling. Fear of myself. Fear of the unknown. Fear of what others will think. But life is too short to be afraid. And I'm so damn tired of hiding.
**This is an Adult Contemporary Romance and due to strong language and sexual content, is not intended for readers under the age of 18.**
Finding Autumn by Beth Michele
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. Spoiler-free review. No cliffhanger. HEA. 5.0 stars.

Finding Autumn by Beth Michele is one hella of a novella. It’s short, sexy, steamy and sweet all at the same time.  I devoured this book in one sitting and it was the perfect indulgent escape. It's a novella (124 pages) but it didn’t feel rushed or cut short.   I’m a big fan of Beth’s and love her other books.  Beth normally doesn’t write steamy books…and I like that she ventured out of her comfort zone.  She’s so talented. I never thought I would be thanking Beth for fogging up my Kindle screen…but here I am saying thanks for this delicious fairy tale. 

ALSO check out Beth Michele’s other books: Love Love, Lovely and Scarred Beautiful.

Stop reading this and go one click Finding Autumn.  I hope Beth writes another book and makes this a series.  More Hunter please!

This review appears on,, Goodreads, Amazon and Twitter.

“Shit,” I mumble to myself when I spy the pink vibrator, glaring proof of my non-existent sex life now on public display.  “God damn it,” I utter again, shaking my head and scrambling to grab it, when I notice a pair of beautiful, masculine hands scooping up my belongings.  Completely mortified, my cheeks flush a deep red, and I’m silently praying he hasn’t spotted my favorite sex toy.
My eyes make their way from the ground, climbing past the hands and up the length of strong, muscular arms to an absolutely gorgeous face, and I take a hard swallow.  A chiseled jaw with a hint of stubble, irises the color of aged brandy, a sharp, sculptured nose, and perfectly tousled hair that matches his hypnotic eyes.  I don’t realize that I’m staring until his lips quirk up into a grin.
Could I be any more obvious?
He tosses the items back in my purse and nods toward the vibrator.  “I’ll let you handle that one,” he offers, his voice a rich timbre to my ears.  “Although,” he whispers, leaning in close, “I’m sure I could put it to good use.”
My mouth drops open in surprise, just as he reaches his thumb out to skim my bottom lip.
“I’m pretty sure I could put this sexy mouth to good use, too.”
About the Author
Beth Michele is the author of Love Love, Lovely, Scarred Beautiful, and Finding Autumn. She is a Connecticut native who loves spending time with her husband and two children.  If you can’t find her, though, she’s probably hiding out with her kindle anywhere she can find a quiet spot.  She has an affinity for Twizzlers and is a hopeless romantic and a happily ever after fanatic.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cover Reveal - Finally Mine by Anne Hansen

Vin Moretti from the wrong side of the tracks. He falls for good girl Keira McCabe...I cant wait till this book is Finally Mine.  Check out the synopsis.

Author: Anne Hansen
Age group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover designer: Anne Hansen
Organized by: WordSmith Publicity

Book Description:
An incredible stroke of luck lands Vin Moretti a plea bargain—he spends his
summer slaving at a country club instead of rotting in a jail cell. He plans to keep his
head down and avoid the trust fund brats. He never expects to fall for a gorgeous, amazing girl way out of his league. When Keira McCabe falls in love with Vin Moretti, it’s head-over-heels, crazy,
incredible love. She’s sure nothing can ruin what they have…but she has no idea
how far Vin will go to protect her from the one thing he’s most afraid of: himself.

Summer ends, and Keira returns to the sprawling suburbs where she belongs, while
Vin slinks back to the wrong side of the tracks and his old trouble-making ways.
They promise to make long-distance love work.
It’s just dumb luck that her father’s unexpected demotion moves Keira smack in Vin’s gritty neck of the woods. Vin realizes he’ll need do whatever it takes to keep Keira safe—even if it means shutting the person he loves the most out of his dangerous life completely. When Vin turns his back on Keira at her lowest moment, it finally hits her: she was never going to be anything more than his dirty little secret. Her life as she knows it has been torn to shreds, but she’s determined to make the best of it…with or without the guy she gave her heart to over the summer. Vin starts to have second thoughts about his decision when he realizes how empty life is without Keira around. The problem is, Keira’s learned her lesson, and she isn’t
about to be used again. Vin realizes he’s going to have to pull out all the stops and turn his life around if he
wants to make Keira finally his.

About the Author:
Anne Hansen is a die-hard romantic who loves fast cars, unsung heroes, and those
crazy, funny conversations that make you laugh so hard, you end up in tears with
stomach cramps. She likes to travel and has been all kinds of cool places--like
Knoebels Theme Park, the biggest Paul Bunyan statue in Minnesota, and Paris. She
loves listening to indie music, sitting around the campfire with her awesome family,
and obsessively flipping through celebrity Instagram accounts (don't judge). But,
most of all, she loves reading books and writing them, and she's excited to share her
greatest passion with other book lovers!

Author Social Media Links:
Facebook | Twitter

Provoke by Missy Johnson - Blog Tour Review & Gift Card Giveaway

Check out my review and author giveaway for Provoke by Missy Johnson.

Title: Provoke
Series: Provoke, Book 1
Author: Missy Johnson
Organized by: Indie Sage, LLC
Release Date: March 17, 2014

Mace Jordan was not the type of guy I expected to sweep me off my feet. I knew of the crowd he ran
with, and they were bad news. But beyond that tough, biker exterior was a sweetheart, and one that
treated me like his princess. I liked being the good girl with the bad boy, but I never expected this. What I saw on his computer…I thought I knew him. But I was wrong. So wrong… If there was ever a bad time for me to fall for a chick it was now, but from the moment I saw Leeta, she had me. There was something special about her, and I had to have her. But I also had a job to do, and I couldn’t let her distract me from that. I couldn’t let her discover that side of me either. But she’s not stupid, and I know she’s getting close. God knows what she’ll do if she discovers the truth. Or what she thinks is the truth.

Buy Link:
Amazon US:

About the Author:
Missy lives in a small town in Central Victoria with her husband, and her confused pets (a dog who think
she’s a cat, a cat who thinks he’s a dog…you get the picture).
When she’s not writing, she can usually be found looking for something to read.


ProvokeProvoke by Missy Johnson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 Stars ARC kindly provided by in exchange for a fair and honest review. Spoiler-free review. No cliffhanger/standalone.

Leeta is a successful criminal prosecutor.  Her boyfriend Mace is the son of a famous gangland leader and has a shady past. Despite their differences (law abiding and bad boy) their chemistry is off the charts and things are getting serious. Leeta discovers Mace is involved in a rape for hire internet business. Women are kidnapped raped and the video is sold to the highest bidder online.  Leeta sees Mace attacking a young woman.  Will she believe his story and finally get her HEA with her biker bad boy?

I tore through this story since it was entertaining. I wouldn’t classify Provoke as a dark romance…maybe a romance thriller.  I didn’t like Leeta (she was too forgiving) and Mace was just ok.  The plot was a little farfetched…(even for me). While I didn’t connect with the characters it was still good.  Check out this page turner for a quick reading escape.
This review appears on,, Goodreads, Amazon and Twitter.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Between (Crossroads Saga Book #2) by Mary Ting - New Young Adult series

Welcome to day #2 of the Crossroads saga cover reveal giveaway.  Enter to win to one of two $25 gift cards, or 1 of 3 signed paperback copies of CROSSROADS Can you guess the missing word in the teaser below?  Find the missing word and enter your guess in the rafflecopter. 

Also, for a limited time only (and this is all in the post) all 5 books will be on sale for $.99! 

As the alkins head back to Crossroads, Claudia leads her normal life, but not for long. Having a special
soul, she attracts danger. The Twelve, known as Divine Elders on Earth, are very much involved when
they find out evil is lurking in the shadows and Claudia is no longer safe. As more secrets are revealed,
Claudia learns about the venators--demon hunters--on Earth. When two opposing angelic forces come together to protect Claudia, trust becomes a big issue. Will love be enough to keep Claudia and Michael together? Who will make the ultimate sacrifice? Who will betray them all?

Teaser For Giveaway:
“Ahhh!” I pressed my hands to his chest. “Why are you such an ass?” I couldn’t believe I’d said it,
but it felt so good! Then I thought, How does he bring out the worst in me? I was not an angry person,
and I didn’t normally shoot out cuss words. Mom and Gamma had taught me better than that.
Unexpectedly, he gripped my wrists, moving them behind me, and drew me into him. My heart
heaved in and out from being a breath away from his lips and from being exhausted from all the energy I
was releasing. He set his eyes deeply into mine and exhaled. “Everything was just great until you walked
into my life. I know who I am and my purpose in life, but you are making me confused. For the first time,
I want more. The worst part of this is that I can’t have you, even if you allowed it.” He paused, searching
for words. “I want you to _____ me, ‘cause if I knew that you ever cared about me that way, I would give
up everything just to be with you. I don’t know why. And that scares me more than anything I’ve ever
known. So there is the answer to your question. Satisfied?”

Praise for Crossroads #2:
"Between reaches a completely new level of storytelling. Descriptive writing and heartfelt emotions
captures your soul in this enticing saga of Angel lore, romance, betrayal, and the battle for good. One
cannot help but fall in love with the superb characters and the world Mary Ting has created." - Michele
Luker , PageTurners Blog/Insane About Books

"When reading Between you feel that you are immediately wrapped up in Angel wings and taken for
the flight of your life. At times you feel like you might fall but then your back up in the clouds feeling
Heavenly again. This sophomore novel delivers everything that makes a book Great: Romance: check,
Action: check and even heartache: check plus I can't forget to mention about those swoon-worthy Angels!
Between will leave you on a celestial high!" - Yara, Once Upon A Twilight

About Mary Ting (M. Clarke)
Mary Ting resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. She enjoys oil painting and making jewelry. Writing her first novel, Crossroads Saga, happened by chance. It was a way to grieve the  death of her beloved grandmother, and inspired by a dream she once had as a young girl. When she started reading new adult novels, she fell in love with the genre. It was the reason she had to write one-
Something Great. Why the pen name, M Clarke? She tours with Magic Johnson Foundation to promote literacy and her children’s chapter book-No Bullies Allowed.

Contact Mary:


Cover reveal game link 

Mary Ting is also a featured author at Chapter by Chapter Book Rave happening in NY on September
20th! 100+ authors will be signing! There will be YA BOWLING, BILLIARDS PARTY, and more
Tickets available today!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

LoveLines by S. Walden Giveaway & Review

I just finished reading LoveLines by S. Walden and loved it! Check out my review and LL excerpt. Don't forget to stop by S. Walden's release day Facebook event going on right now. S.L. Jennings, Claire Contreras and Blakely Bennett will be stopping by to host prize giveaways along with S.Walden.

Title: LoveLines
Author: S. Walden
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 25, 2014
Arrive to work at 7:58 A.M. sharp. Check. Count forty-seven steps to cubicle. Check. Arrange pens in their red-blue-black-green-purple order of importance. Check. Apply hand sanitizer before opening email. Double check.

And that’s just the first few minutes of her work day.

Thirty-one-year-old proofreader Bailey Mitchell is a slave to her tics. She inherited Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder from her father, and it’s done nothing but inhibit her love life. She’s run the gamut of boyfriends—none of them willing or able to cope with her condition.

Enter 32-year-old Reece Powell, her new coworker at Beach Elite Marketing Firm. He’s more than willing to cope. He finds her habits cute and quirky . . . for now. Reece wins her over, and life coasts along for them until Bailey experiences a devastating blow. Tragedy exacerbates her OCD, and Reece realizes her tics aren’t so cute and quirky anymore. Just like all the others, he has the choice to leave.

But Reece isn't like all the others.

The Wilmington Saga
Follow the stories of Wilmington, NC residents as they fall in and out of love, mend and break hearts, grow, change, lose, win, and experience what it means to truly live in this small coastal community.

Credit: Michelle @ Give Me Books
Buy links:
Amazon link:

LoveLines (The Wilmington Saga, #1)LoveLines by S. Walden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. Spoiler-free review. No cliffhanger. 5.0 stars. HEA.  Part of a series.

I have to say I was intrigued by the idea of an OCD related love story…since I have a family member who has OCD.  She has driven me bat shit crazy for many years.  OCD is NOT easy to deal with...but I have a new understanding of this condition from reading this book.  I get it now…  Ok..enough of my family drama.

I am a fan of S. Walden fan and jumped at the chance to review this book.  LoveLines was refreshing change from my usual alpha-male/biker/rocker/mega millionaire type of books.  Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE THEM...but change can be good.   S. Walden’s character development and dialogue just blew me away. LoveLines was quirky, funny, sexy, sweet and steamy.  One click this one…and get ready to fall in love with Bailey & dirty talking Reece.

ALSO - If you are in the mood for a little taboo student/teacher romance be sure to check out Good and Better (Good #2) by S. Walden.

This review appears on,, Goodreads, Amazon and Twitter.

Reece paid attention. He watched her for an entire week, arriving to work at exactly 7:58 every morning. Eating lunch at noon on the dot. He found excuses to visit her cubicle just to see if her pens would be in the same order in which she lined them up the first time he met her. Without fail, they lay on her desk in their red-blue-black-green-purple order of importance.
Another week passed, and he thought they were actually becoming friends. He didn’t need excuses to visit her anymore. It became habitual to stop by and ask about her weekend, see if she wanted a soda from the vending machine, find out where her favorite restaurants were. After all, he was still new to Wilmington, and there was a lot to discover. And he wanted to discover it with her.
“I’m in love with a coworker,” Reece confessed to his friend, Camden, on trivia night at a local bar.
“Not wise,” Camden replied, and chugged his beer.
“And I’m pretty sure she’s OCD,” Reece went on.
Camden stared at his friend. “Dude. No.”
“I find it uncomfortably sexy,” Reece admitted.
“That you like a coworker or that she’s OCD?”
“The second one. There’s something strangely erotic about it. What the hell is wrong with me?” Reece shoved a cheese fry in his mouth.
“Look Reece, I’m your best friend. And as your best friend, it’s my job to give it to you straight. So here’s the deal: Don’t even think about going there. Do you have any idea what those people are like? I mean, what? Is she your age?”
“I don’t know. Maybe.”
“Okay. So she’s maybe thirty, thirty-one. And single.” He paused for effect. “For a reason.” He shot Reece a “Hello? Don’t be a moron” look.
“But I’m single, too.”
“By choice, man.”
Reece grunted. “That’s debatable.”
“People with OCD are not single by choice. They’re single because no one can deal with their bullshit.”
“But I like her bullshit,” Reece argued, then shook his head. “I mean, the way she acts. It’s not bullshit. It’s cute.”
“You’re seeing it from a distance. Imagine dating it. Living with it. Fucking it. Totally different ballgame.”
They listened for the answers to Round 3. Camden slammed his hand on the table.
“I knew it was iambic pentameter! Why do I listen to you?” he grumbled.
“Have you ever dated someone with OCD?” Reece asked, ignoring the question.
“Never. Because I’m not crazy.” Camden grabbed the plate of cheese fries and pulled it across the table. “No more cheese fries for you. If my calculations are correct, you just cost us the lead, you dumb fuck.”
Reece rolled his eyes. “Then how do you know if they’re difficult or not?”
“Go read up on the disorder,” Camden said.
“Disorder,” Reece echoed with an eye roll.
“It is a disorder. It’s a mental disorder. And it’s fucking crazy. I knew a guy in high school with OCD. He had this weird ass compulsion or ritual or whatever you wanna call it where he had to tap all the desks three times before the start of each class. He told me once that he felt like he’d die if he couldn’t do it. Literally die. Not like how we say, ‘Oh God, I’ll die if I can’t have sex tonight.’ He meant for real. That’s how fucking crazy they are.”

S. Walden Bio:
S. Walden used to teach English before making the best decision of her life by becoming a full-time writer. She lives in Georgia with her very supportive husband, who prefers physics textbooks over fiction and has a difficult time understanding why her characters must have personality flaws. She is wary of small children, so she has a Westie instead. She is the USA Today bestselling author of Going Under. When she's not writing, she's thinking about it.

She loves her fans and loves to hear from them. Email her at and follow her twitter feed at @swaldenauthor.

Twitter: @swaldenauthor

GRAND PRIZE: LoveLines ebook; signed Wicked Book Weekend author banner
FIRST RUNNER-UP: LoveLines ebook
SECOND RUNNER-UP: LoveLines ebook

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