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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Shame by Rachel Van Dyken - Review & Top Ten List!

Shame was such a great read.  If you didn't read the first books in this series...the Ruin boxed set is on sale for 99 cents!  Read my review of Shame below.  Don't forget to read Wes Michels Top Ten Rules to Live By List! Enjoy!

Title: Shame
Author: Rachel Van Dyken
Release Date:  October 6, 2014
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Everything done in darkness, will eventually be brought into the light.
I ran, but all it did was keep me one step ahead of my past. I tried to start over; new name, new identity. But you can't change your soul.
A fresh start at college was just what I needed. For a while, it worked. I was the party girl, the one that seemed confident, but it was a lie.
When guys kissed me--I felt only pain. 
When they touched me--Nothing but fear.
Deep inside, every girl wants to be the beauty in the story, to find someone that will see you as their world. 
But the truth? I was the beast. And as much as I wanted redemption, I wasn't fool enough to think I'd ever get it. 
Until he walked into my life.
I wasn't prepared to fall for someone. My scars were too deep, the wounds too raw. But he offered me peace, he offered me security. I should have known it was just another lie--I should have known that falling in love with my professor was a bad idea.
But I was powerless to stop myself from falling. 
And he was powerless to catch me.
Because the darkness finally caught up to me, and as fate would have it, a cruel twist almost bled me dry. But I'm stronger than I knew. I'm stronger than you think.
You think you know my story, but you don't....after all everyone has Shame in their lives-- and I'm no longer afraid to show you mine.

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Review of Shame
Shame (Ruin, #3)Shame by Rachel Van Dyken

Title:  Shame
Author: Rachel Van Dyken
Series: Yes
Release Date: October 5, 2014
Rating: 4.50 stars
Cliffhanger: No
Spoiler-free review

I have heard amazing things about the Ruin series for so long…so when I heard that the third book in this series can be read as a standalone I jumped at the chance.  I am not going to regurgitate the synopsis…but I will top-line it.
Lisa was in a toxic and dysfunctional relationship with Taylor and is manipulated to do some horrible things.  Even after his death, Taylor continues his twisted reign of terror to destroy Lisa.  Before he committed suicide he mailed two copies of his terrifying tell-all journal.  One of the copies lands in the hands of his step brother Tristan.  Tristan, who is hell bent on destroying the woman who ruined his brother’s life, takes a job as a professor at Lisa’s college.  He ends up falling for the Lisa after a chance meeting at a party.  Lisa is miserable knowing that she has a shameful past and afraid of what her new boyfriend/professor would think of her. Meanwhile, she has a stalker and her friends might not be able to protect her.  Everything isn’t always what it seems and when Lisa’s shameful past and present collide,  her life will never be the same.

I really enjoyed this book and was captivated from the first page to the last.  I will admit that I felt a little lost not knowing each of the character’s backstory/relationships.   Rachel did a great job highlighting some key back story point, but I think I would have embraced the characters a little more if I read the first two books beforehand.  With that said…Shame was still an addicting read. I loved the way this story unraveled via Taylor’s twisted journal entries. We got a peek inside the diary of a mad man.  Shame is loaded with a great mix of mystery, suspense and drama.  There were a few times I wanted to smack Lisa for not seeing what was right in front of her.  I think that’s how the author wanted the reader to feel and it led to an awesome plot twist/ending!  Shame is a must read for Ruin series fans. After reading Shame, I am even more excited to read the first two books in this series.

This review appears on , , Goodreads, Amazon, Google+ and Twitter. A review copy of this book was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

About Rachel Van Dyken:
Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she's not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.
She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband and their snoring Boxer, Sir Winston Churchill. She loves to hear from readers! You can follow her writing journey at

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Top Ten Wes Michels Rules to Live By: 
10. When things become difficult--thats when breakthrough happens. Do the hard thing. 
9. Choose to's easier to frown. 
8. Each day, write down one thing you can do to help someone around you. 
7. Think big, act small. It doesn't take a life altering idea to change the world around you. 
6. If you don't have money--time is a good currency. Invest it in what matters, like people, your education, etc. Don't waste it by complaining about things that you won't even remember come next week. 
5. Think positive. Focusing on the negative gives the bad things in your life power--refuse to give negativity power. 
4. Be restless. Don't sit. While you're watching TV someone else is out there curing cancer, that someone could be you. 
3. Find peace in the small things, like your morning cup of coffee or the rain. Stop and listen, think, be aware of who you are and who the world is to you. 
2. There is always tomorrow. If you fail today, the world will not end, just make an effort to succeed tomorrow, and if you fail again, repeat the process. The biggest failures in life turn into the greatest successes. 
1. Live courageously and without fear. Fear is the absence of faith, faith should be what drives you to believe in the impossible and succeed where others have failed. 

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