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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Just Reviewed - Trials (Rock Bottom #2) by Sarah Biermann

Trials (Rock Bottom #2) by Sarah Biermann is such a kick ass sequel. I devoured this book in one sitting.  Nothing like a drama filled love triangle of sex, drugs, rock and roll and murder.  Great rock star/celeb series.  Check out my spoiler free review and excerpt.

Title: Trials (Rock Bottom #2)
Author: Sarah Biermann
Genre: New Adult

"They think Jeremy murdered her."

Drugs pushed them away...will murder bring them together?

Since losing the rock star love of her life, Harvard Law student Dylan Ackhart is doing the best she can to move on. Now in her third and final year, she's doing well in school and just landed her dream internship in Boston's District Attorney's office. She keeps away from the news so she doesn't hear about Jeremy Mason- about his frequent parties, new women, and apparent drug use.

But when the body of a young girl is found in his home, suddenly Dylan and Jeremy are thrust together in the most difficult and awkward of circumstances. Dylan is forced to choose between the only man she ever loved and the only dream she ever wanted. Will she leave everything behind and be with Jeremy? Or will Jeremy find himself in more trouble than she can help him out of?

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Sarah Biermann, RN, BSN was born Wilmington, Delaware and grew up in Claymont. She attended Cab Calloway School of the Arts in Wilmington for high school, majoring in creative writing. She went on to Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, PA for her Associates Degree in Nursing. She recently graduated Drexel University with her BSN in nursing and is currently in their Masters program for nursing education. Sarah's nursing specialty is in drugs and alcohol detox and rehab.Sarah has been married to her husband, Jon, for 8 years. She has two beautiful daughters: Anna, age 7, and Quinn, age 2. They live in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. She enjoys reading, singing, art, music, television, going to the movies, Hershey Park, and writing. 

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Kindle Crack Book Reviews - Trials (Rock Bottom #2)
Trials (Rock Bottom, #2)Trials by Sarah Biermann
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.  No cliff hanger. Tracks (Rock Bottom #1) should be read first to fully enjoy this book. Spoiler-free review.  4.5 rock star sized stars!

Trials (Rock Bottom #2) by Sarah Biermann picks up a few years after Dylan and Jeremy hit the rocks. Jeremy completely cut himself off from her and is never heard from again. Even though Dylan is devastated from losing Jeremy, she still manages to remain at the top of her class at law school. Dylan attempts to move on from her emotional breakdown and ends up living with Scott.  She is somewhat happy with her life…but thinks about what she had with Jeremy. He is still very much a part of her head and heart.  News articles and TV stories would occasionally pop up about Jeremy which she did her best to avoid...until the day he makes headline news.  He is accused of a drug induced murder/rape of an underage girl.  While working as an intern at the DA’s office she comes face to face with Jeremy and life will never be the same.

I was captivated from the first page to the last.  This book was total Kindle Crack and I devoured this book in one sitting! Jeremy, Dylan and Scott's gut wrenching love triangle unraveled at a perfect pace with a perfect amount of emotion and steam.  I will say there were times I wanted to reach into my Kindle and bitch slap Dylan for being so shitty to Scott. This story got under my skin.    I really like Sarah’s writing style and think book two is my favorite. Jeremy, Scott and Dylan ended up with the HEA they needed to have.  Sarah wrapped up this rock and roll drama pretty nicely.  I look forward to reading what she is working on next.

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Overcome with emotion, I walk around him, keeping my arms around his waist. I stop when I’m standing in front of him. I look up at him, his hands covering his face, until he drops them to his side. He looks down at me, his eyes deliciously exposed. I understand that this moment is another trial for me- one I’m about to fail.
I stand on my toes and kiss him passionately. I release his waist and place my hands in his hair. He tastes better than I could ever have remembered and when we connect, my entire body tingles. It’s like he is breathing life back into me.
He’s still for a moment, shocked into rigidness. As my mouth begins to move against his, he starts to move his lips in synchronization. He wraps his arms delicately around me, but we’ve been apart too long for gentle. I push my mouth harder into his and wrap my fingers tighter in his hair.
His breathing increases and his mouth moves faster with mine. He grabs the back of my shirt roughly, flipping me around and slamming me back against the wall. I moan and wrap my legs around him. He drops his hands to hold me under my ass.
“Damn you, Dylan,” he says, growling the words in between kisses. “Damn you for making me love you so much. I need you. I need you now. I’ve never needed anything more in my life than I need you right now.” His
voice breaks.
I understand now, in a way, his addiction. I understand having the pull to something you know is probably bad for you. You know it will probably end horribly. But it makes you feel so good that how can you deny it? I guess that makes me an addict, too. Maybe not of drugs, but to something that has the potential to be just as damaging to me and those around me.
The difference between Jeremy and I is that while he’s beating his addiction, I’m succumbing to mine.

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