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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Just Reviewed - Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones

Thanks to Gallery, Threshold, Pocketbooks and Netgalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Expected publish date: June 11, 2013.

Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones is one off the hook Bookgasm. There is no question why this series has been optioned for a TV show on the STARS network. Are you looking for the next piece of Kindle Crack to download? This book (this series) is it.

Being Me (Inside Out Trilogy #2) picked up right where book one left off. Sara McMillan and Chris Merit are caught up in a scorching hot, dark and stormy love affair. While trying to find out what happened to Rebecca, Sara and Chris try to battle their personal demons. Chris is going head first into DEFCON 4 self-destruct mode. Sara is desperate to understand all that is Chris. Together they are headed into a downward spiral of emotional abyss of pain. Sara and Chris’ explosive sexual chemistry becomes the catalyst to so much as they unravel themselves and the Rebecca’s story.

In Being Me, Sara becomes even more obsessed with Rebecca and turns into a sexed up, modern day Nancy Drew. Sara puts herself in danger as she starts to discover more and more about Chris, Rachel and herself. After begging Chris to let her into his head….he takes her on one hell of a field trip to destination mindfuckery…his reality. It’s all coming together and falling apart for this couple. Her beautiful broken artist happens to know his way around a whip as well as a paint brush.

Can Rachel figure out if Rebecca is alive? Is Chris to broken to fix? Who is the unnamed man in the journals? Is everyone who they claim to be in Sara’s new world of art, pleasure filled painful times, money and sex?

Being Me is one of the best sequels I have read. Lisa Renee Jones crafted the perfect mix of mystery, suspense and smoking hot smutastic romance that will have you all tied up in knots. This book is oh so sinfully sexy (fanning self). I think I needed to defog my Kindle screen a few times while reading this book. I can’t recommend this series enough. I would suggest reading book one If I Were You first. I’m overjoyed this series will be on the Stars Network…this series is HOT. Five painfully hot stars. This is Kindle Crack baby!

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