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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just Reviewed: Fierce by Ginger Voight

FierceFierce by Ginger Voight
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A few years ago I was at my sons’ elementary school Olympic Day. A group of boys started to "cheer" on a girl as she slowly made her way around a makeshift running track. "Go fatty go" they chanted as she passed by. I was horrified that these savages thought it was ok to say this. I remember looking at her face knowing this poor girl will remember this shitty moment in time. WTF? Ginger Voight’s latest book Fierce resurrected that day for me. Jordi Hemphill is overweight and has a larger than life singing voice (I picture her as Adele). Not a day goes by that Jordi is reminded that she is tipping the scales. After years of obese abuse she picks up and leaves her depressing life in Iowa to try and make it as a singer in Hollywood. Jordi is picked to be a contestant on a new reality TV show called Fierce. Fierce is “American Idol” for contestants who don’t look like your typical pop princess or rock God. Jordi meets and slowly falls for Jace Riga, one of her fellow contestants. Jace is an Iraq war veteran who lost his leg to a roadside bomb. Jordi's opportunist mom and her “boyfriend” Eddie thrust themselves back into her life to use her new found stardom as their own fat meal ticket. Eddie earned a top spot on my list of “Uber Sadist Douche Bags” with comments that include:

“Who do you think they’re going to vote for, Jordi? And who are they going to laugh at?”

“Look at you, Jordi. Really look at yourself. You have all these people telling you how wonderful you are when you’re nothing more than a fat, disgusting pig. And you know that deep down.”

While trying to juggle the stress of appearing on a TV reality show, her mom, Eddie, a witch diet coach and Jace… her anxiety levels rise as well as the numbers on her scale. Jordi continues to self-medicate by eating and falls ill on stage. Will she make it to next week? American tunes in to watch. Fierce is filled with so many sweet and sour emotional moments. I felt myself wanting to devour a bag of chips, a few chocolate bars and a gallon of soda along with Jordi. Her story is heartbreaking and such an emotional journey. Ginger Voight is rock star of a writer and story teller. I felt every ounce of pain and the dietetic pieces of happiness Jordi felt while reading this book. Four and half fat loving stars. Fierce can be read as a stand-alone even though it picks up from Mogul (book #3 in the Groupie series). The Groupie series is a MUST READ on its own. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in this series (please tell me you will Make it Happen GV).

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