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Sunday, September 15, 2013

JUST REVIEWED - Revealing Us by Lisa Renee Jones

Revealing Us (Inside Out, #3)Revealing Us by Lisa Renee Jones

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. Spoiler-free. This book does not end with a cliffhanger. I *highly* recommend reading If I Were You (Inside Out #1) and Being Me (Inside Out #2)before reading Revealing Us (Inside Out#3). 5.0 stars!

I have a massive headache. Why you ask? Maybe because I stayed up all night reading Revealing Us - the third installment of Inside Out Trilogy by Lisa Renee Jones. Once again I devoured another one of her books like an addict. Jones is a master at building suspense, mystery and fogging up my Kindle screen (fanning self and taking my third Advil now).

Revealing Us picks up right where Being Me left off without missing a beat. Chris and Sara are in Paris after almost getting offed by psycho Ava. Sara is desperate to make her relationship with Chris work and uncover all of his dark secrets. She is hungry to understand and explore Chris’ ties to the BDSM world and his affinity to being whipped. While trying to unravel Chris, Sara has deal with a few obstacles including a couple of whip-wielding ex-partners and her missing friend.

I am completely satisfied that with the HEA conclusion of Chris and Sara‘s dysfunctional relationship. I know this series is supposed to be a trilogy…BUT there is an excellent opportunity to create another spin off tying off a few loose/new ends:
-We know who murdered Rebecca…no body/no crime? Will Ava or Mark really go down for it?
-What will happen with Ella? Where is her fiancé? How is Neuville/mafia billionaire involved?
-Amber’s past?

I hope we get another book or two out of this sinfully sexy page turning series. The Inside Out trilogy has been optioned by STARZ Network for a cable television show, to be produced by Suzanne Todd (Alice in Wonderland). I can’t wait to watch this…it might be one of the first times I put down a book to watch a show. This series and this book is total Kindle Crack.

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Winners Selected For Kindle Crack Book Reviews 3,500 Giveaway

Kindle Crack Book Reviews 3,500 likes Giveaway winners have been selected.  Look for an email from me to verify your email address to send your Amazon gift card. THANK YOU to everyone who entered and shared my page. I really appreciate your support.  More fun giveaways are just around the corner!
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Friday, September 13, 2013

BLOG TOUR - Review & Promo Giveaway for In The Fields by Willow Aster

Willow Aster happens to be one of my favorite authors.  Her first book A True Love Story is on my all time best Kindle Crack List.  In The Fields just blew me away... Please check out synopsis, my review and enter to win an iPad mini and more! Easy entry to win giveaway for Kindle Crack fans.

1971 — In the tiny, backward town of Tulma, Tennessee, optimistic, bookish Caroline Carson unwittingly finds herself in the middle of a forbidden romance. Severely neglected by her family and forced to flee Tulma to protect her secrets, Caroline’s young life comes crashing down around her. She finds refuge in a new town, but the past always has a way of stretching around time and stirring up trouble. 

When a new love comes into her life, she has to decide if she can give her heart to someone else, or if she will always be tied to someone she can’t have. 

*The details described in this book may not be suitable for readers below the age of 18 as descriptions of rape, alcoholism, child neglect, and abuse are depicted.*

Willow Aster contacts:

Buy Links:


CreateSpace (paperback)


Author bio:

Willow Aster is the author of True Love Story and In the Fields, two standalone books published in 2013. When she's not writing, you can find her staring out into space, dreaming about new characters. She also enjoys sliding across the hardwood floor in her socks and twirling in the sand.

My Review:
In the FieldsIn the Fields by Willow Aster

My rating: 5+ of 5 stars

Willow Aster is effing amazing! Review to follow.

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. This review is spoiler-free. No cliffhanger. Five+ black and white stars.

Once again Willow Aster knocked it out of the park and In The Fields. Home run! I absolutely LOVED Aster’s first book – A True Love Story and couldn’t wait to read her second book. While ITF is radically different than her first book its equally captivating. I set my expectation level pretty high after reading ATLS. In the Fields surpassed my expectations. This book will sit on my favorites shelf next to ATLS.

I will top-line my review so I can remain spoiler free. In The Fields takes place in the 1970’s in the heart of Tennessee. Civil rights laws might have been put in play but deep seeded racist beliefs are still prevalent. Caroline is a young white girl who is in love with her best friend Isaiah – who is black. They keep their relationship a secret since it’s is considered unacceptable to family and friends.

Life isn't as sweet as the peaches that grow in the fields by Caroline's home. She is abandoned by her alcoholic father and her selfish mother leaves her for weeks at a time to fend for herself. Caroline and Isaiah dream of leaving their KKK loving town and marrying and living somewhere progressive. Then one day, one quick walk in the fields changes everything and life will never be the again.

To say this book is written well is an understatement. Willow Aster is an incredible story teller and such an exceptional writer. Every sentence crafted with such precision so that each character comes to life. Her writing is poetic and packed with emotion. Albeit, the "event" that happened in the fields was still shocked me when it happened. In the Fields is truly an epic journey about conquering adversity and second chance love. What a love story! Would I recommend this book? Is Willow Aster on my auto-download list? Do I live for books like this? Yes, yes and yes! It’s writers like Aster that make me love writing reviews. Now go one click this fine piece of Kindle Crack.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

BLOG TOUR, EXERPT & GIVEWAY - A Little Too Far by Lisa Desrochers

Author: Lisa Desrochers
Genre: New Adult
Release date: September 17th 2013 by HarperCollins
Hosted by: Love Between the Sheets
Goodreads -

Have you ever gone just a little too far?

Lexie Banks has.

Yep. She just had mind-blowing sex with her stepbrother. In her defense, she was on the rebound, and it’s more of a my-dad-happened-to-marry-a-woman-with-a-super-hot-son situation. But still, he’s been her best friend and confidant for the better part of the last few years … and is so off limits. It’s a good thing she’s leaving in two days for a year abroad in Rome.

But even thousands of miles away, Lexie can’t seem to escape trouble. Raised Catholic, she goes to confession in hopes of alleviating some of her guilt … and maybe not burning in hell. Instead, she stumbles out of the confessional and right into Alessandro Moretti, a young and very easy-on-the-eyes deacon … only eight months away from becoming a priest. Lexie and Alessandro grow closer, and when Alessandro’s signals start changing despite his vow of celibacy, she doesn’t know what to think. She’s torn between falling in love with the man she shouldn’t want and the man she can’t have. And she isn’t sure how she can live with herself either way.

Lisa Desrochers lives in central California with her husband and two very busy daughters. There is never a time that she can be found without a book in her hand, and she adores stories that take her to new places, and then take her by surprise.

Look for her New Adult novel, A LITTLE TOO FAR , courtesy of HarperCollins Sept 17, 2013, and companions, A LITTLE TOO MUCH (Nov 12, 2013), and A LITTLE TOO HOT (Jan 21, 2014). Also in stores is her YA PERSONAL DEMONS trilogy (Macmillan).

For more info, find me online at, or visit

Book Trailer -

GIVEAWAY – Prizes include an iPod Mini, pendant, tote bags, temporary tattoos, and annotated chapters of ALTF

a Rafflecopter giveaway

EXCERPT #1 - Lexie’s Confession
I breathe deep and pull myself to my feet, walking slowly to the open confessional. I hesitate at the door, but then remind myself that this is Italy … where they speak Italian. I can confess my worst of sins, and the priest probably won’t understand a word. I step in and close the door, then kneel in front of the thick red curtain separating the saint from the sinner.
“Nel nome del Padre, e del Figlio, e dello Spirito Santo. Amen,” a deep sandpaper voice says from the other side of the curtain.
I cross myself as the priest prays the Sign of the Cross, then bow my head and close my eyes. “Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been … well … a whole lot of days since my last confession. Probably a year or more. I accuse myself of the following sins. I … used the Lord’s name in vain at least … oh, God—” Shit! My hands fly to my face. “Like that … I just don’t think about it, and it comes out of my mouth. I’ve done it thousands of times. Maybe a million. Twice just since I walked into this church.” I shake my head at myself. “I’m terrible. But that’s not the worst. I’ve stolen from my friends. There was this scarf I got for Sam for her birthday that I decided to keep … so I guess it’s not really stealing, but it felt like it, and there were the flip-flops that Katie loaned me that I never returned—I even brought them with me to Italy. And I swore at my stepmother when she wouldn’t let me go out with my boyfriend until I cleaned the bathroom, but I knew he had this big romantic thing planned for our three-year anniversary and I was pretty sure we were going to have sex … which I guess I also need to confess … I had a lot of sex with my boyfriend before he turned into a douche—pardon my French … or English, I guess—but that was almost a year ago … when I still had a boyfriend … and, what else … I sort of cheated on a history exam last semester because Drake Mulhollan left his book open where I could see it, and during finals I wished my roommate dead one day when she was having sex with her boyfriend all freakin’ day so I couldn’t get into my room to get my books—she didn’t die, by the way … I mean, my wish didn’t come true or anything like that … but I wished it, which I’m pretty sure is a sin. And then there was the time I lied to Dad about the dent in the car … and the baggie he found in my backpack wasn’t really oregano … which, oh yeah, there was the pot thing too, but it was just a phase so …” I trail off, recognizing the fact that I’m babbling on to avoid the actual reason I’m here. I breathe deep and wipe my sweaty palms on my jeans. “And I stole my stepbrother’s T-shirt …” I swallow hard, “after we had sex,” I blurt, then I’m running downhill again, words tumbling out of my mouth before I even think them, “and it was truly mind-blowing. It’s all I can think about, and I want to do it again and, oh God—shit! See, I just can’t stop myself from saying oh God. But my stepbrother is so …” I growl in frustration and grab fistfuls of my hair. “ … incredible. He’s just fucking incredible—pardon my French. I’ve never felt the things he made me feel, you know … and God, I think I might …” I yank my hair as I shake my head hard. “I don’t know. It was just sex, right? I mean … as much as he made me feel, it was just …” I bury my face in my hands. “He’s my stepbrother. Why can’t I stop wanting him?”
“That is a question you will have to answer for yourself,” the voice says from the other side of the curtain.
“Oh God!”
“That would now be a million and seven, by my count. I hope you brought your rosary to Italy as well as your friend’s flip-flops.”
“You speak English!”
“I do, child. Is there more you are in need of confessing?”
“Hell, no!”
Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cracked Up - Want to be friends?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


BLOG TOUR Reviewed & Excerpt - Louder Than Love by Jessica Topper

Kindle Crack Book Reviews

Louder Than Love by Jessica Topper

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

ARC kindly provided by PENGUIN GROUP Berkley, NAL/Signet Romance, DAW in exchange for a fair and honest review. Expected publication date: September 17th, 2013 - Spoiler free review. This is a stand-alone book and does not end with a cliffhanger. 5- Stars!

Katrina (Kat) Lewis lost her husband Pete to a horrific accident. Life for Kat and her toddler daughter Abbey will never be the same. Kat is devastated from losing Pete and must face life raising her daughter alone. They leave their NYC apartment to return to Kat’s childhood house in the NY suburbs. While volunteering at a local library, Katrina decides to put together a children’s music program. Katrina hunts down Adrian Graves, the singer/song writer of her daughter’s favorite PBS cartoon, to see if he will perform. The sexy and weathered British rocker shows up at the library and captivates the children’s hearts as well as Kats'. The slightly inebriated kiddie show singer turned out to be Adrian "Digger" Graves. He was the front man for the chart-topping, heart-stopping, panty-dropping 80’s heavy metal band Corroded Corpse. Adrian led the rock and rock life of debauchery and excess…landing himself with a criminal record, substance abuse problem and a painful divorce. The heart wants what the heart wants, so inevitably Kat questions whether she is doing the right thing by letting him into her and Abbey’s life. The two start to date and slowly let each other into their complicated lives. Katrina starts to understand) the complicated rock star whose old posters still adorn her brothers’ bedroom wall. Adrian tries to break down Kat’s emotional barriers. Will misunderstandings, lies, addiction and ghosts of the past allow these two damaged people to live louder than love?

Louder Than Love happens to be Jessica Topper’s first book. Truth be told I was surprised because her writing was flawless. This woman’s writing style and storytelling ability has that special “it” factor that does not happen in every book. Topper carefully crafted each character’s emotions and dialogue with such precision that the story felt as if it was non-fiction. Louder Than Love captivated me from the first to the last page. Topper took her time developing the emotional balance and energy between Kat and Adrian. Louder Than Love was a breath of fresh air. Topper changed up the whole rock star love story formula. This story isn’t one of those “insta-love” stories where the girl falls head-over-heels for a banged up rock star, nor one where they have the best sex/chemistry and everything is perfect. There are a lot of hot rocker romance books out there…and I have probably read and loved most of them. This isn’t a super smutastic book because there is a rock star in it. It’s an emotional journey of two very fractured souls…who might have a second chance at love.

Jessica Topper is a writer to watch. Five Metallica sized rock stars for Louder Than Love. This is some fine emotional driven heavy metal Kindle Crack. Rock on and add this book to your TBR list!

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Jessica Topper is an ex-librarian turned rock n' roll number cruncher. She can trace her love for the written word back to age three, when she memorized Maurice Sendak's Chicken Soup with Rice in its entirety.After her daughter was born in 2001, Jessica left the Manhattan library world and began working for her husband's music management company. He offered her a part-time bookkeeping job so she could “stay home for the baby's first year” and pursue her dream of writing. The baby is now eleven, and Jessica has been working her “full-time, sold-her-soul-for-rock-n-roll job” as Office Manager for veteran jam band moe. ever since. She may have traded in books for bookkeeping, but the written word is never far from her mind, or her heart. Jessica is a PRO member of the Romance Writers of America, and belongs to their Western NY and Women's Fiction chapters. She lives in Buffalo, New York with her husband, daughter and one ancient cat.

Web Site -
Facebook Page -
Twitter - @jesstopper
Goodreads -

“I’m Katrina Lewis, thanks for coming.”


“No, Lewis.”

“No, I mean . . . do you ’ave a loo?” His watery blue eyes widened to stress the urgency of the situation. “I’m afraid I’ll burst if I don’t go for a slash.”

“Oh . . . yeah, down that hall.” It took me a moment to register his accent and his slang, yet my embarrassment over the situation was fairly immediate. I stood rooted to the spot after he thrust his guitar into my hands and rushed off. Leanna was still standing there, a witness to the whole encounter. “He’s . . . um . . .” I searched for the right words.

“Old? British? Drunk? Or D) all of the above?”

“He’s older . . . but he’s kinda cute,” I admitted, surprising myself. “Come on, drunk? It’s four in the afternoon at the public library! Please. Go get a seat. I’ll be in there in a minute.”

I waited at the end of the hall for my charge. After a moment, he came out of the bathroom, swaying slightly into the wall as he pulled a tin of mints out of his pocket. “Altoid?” he offered. The smell of Jack Daniel’s and his peppery cologne, which was somehow subtle and intense all at once, were noticeably foreign to the hallowed halls of my local library. I got the feeling this was not the sort of creature who normally frequented places with drop ceilings and fluorescent lighting; perhaps not even the sort who functioned much before sundown.

“You are drunk.”

“And you”—he popped two of the curiously strong mints into his mouth—“are beautiful.”

“Jesus Christ.”

“I’ll sober up soon . . . and hopefully, you will still be beautiful.” He grabbed back his guitar with a smile. “Are the throngs of screaming adoring masses here yet?”

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