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Monday, April 14, 2014

FREEBIE - The Suicide Princess by Anthony Bryan

I have read some great reviews about The Suicide Princess by Anthony Bryan.  Go one click this Kindle FREEBIE through April 18th!

"Not your mother's romance, this is an erotic 
thriller that will leave you breathless and have 
you begging for more..."

Stephanie Bradford is a young, attractive, and 
successful District Attorney on her way to the top. 
She has the near-perfect life, with an amazing
husband, and she has it all in the palm of her 
hand. When her marriage falls into a romantic 
rut, Stephanie is skilfully swooned by a charming, 
mysterious and intriguing stranger who looks to 
be the answer to all of her fantasies. A whirlwind 
and erotic affair quickly spirals out of control, and 
before long, she learns that things aren’t always 
as they appear and people are rarely who they 
seem. One poor decision becomes the catalyst 
for a series of events that rips her life apart, and 
Stephanie is left with nothing but the thirst for 
revenge against the man who viciously stole 
everything from her. The Suicide Princess is a 
sexually charged roller coaster ride where nothing
is as it seems and everything is at stake!

Born and raised in London, UK, Anthony's hope,
more than anything, is that his words can provide
an escape for you, and he hopes they take you on a



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