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Sunday, August 11, 2013

All Time Best Kindle Crack - Review of The Groupie Series, Mogul & Rock Star by Ginger Voight

Mogul (Groupie, #3)Mogul by Ginger Voight
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cue song...Dokken - Alone Again Without You...Now read....
HOW?...WHY?...did I ever let this book/series sit on my TBR list (smacking myself upside my head). Hands down Ginger Voights Groupie trilogy (Groupie, Rockstar and Mogul) is one of my all-time favorite rock star romance reads EVER. I read...or should I say devoured all three books in a few days. I haven’t been so in love with a series since SC Stephens Thoughtless series. I am in no way comparing the two...except for my love of both (and the rock star love triangle drama dynamic). Be prepared for a hardcore emotional roller coaster ride filled with betrayal, heartbreak and redemption with Vanni, Andy and a few others who become emotional road kill on tour with the band. Vanni is a HOT love STARVED man whore, pt-time uber douche and prick on the brink of fame... Andy is a young, downtown-to-earth Tennessee based travel/entertainment writer. Andy is your average girl...and not your typical stick thin knock out rocker chick love interest.

This series wasn't pretty...Voight got down and dirty into the bowels of the entertainment business. I held my breath half the time as I scrambled from one angst filled page to the next. The trilogy captured the highs of their drug addiction like love for each other... and their anguish filled downward spiral. Each one the three books made me want hug or drop kick Vanni, Andy and Graham (who you will read about). I felt like my heart was filleted as my stomach turned to the beat of this EPIC rock and roll soap opera. Their chemistry was smoldering...but not in a smutastick way. I love my smut books.... and this series had a lot of steam...but wasn’t over the top. Voight’s Groupie series is brilliant and sucked me in from page one... it was raw and very real...with fans, stalkers, fame and fortune. I could see this series turning into one hell of a movie. Big love for Ginger Voight...this woman can write and she sure as hell can tell a good love story. This series is Kindle Crack for romance, bad boy, rock God loving readers like me. Rock on....and read this series NOW! ... Cue song -  The Verve Bitter Sweet Symphony. The end…

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