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Thursday, September 7, 2023

Review: Shattered Secrets by Lilian Harris

Shattered Secrets by Lilian Harris is LIVE and available to download on Kindle Unlimited!  Check out my spoiler-free review and get ready to one-click this unforgettable mafia romance! 

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I was loved by two men--one was my husband and the other his best friend. But I was only in love with one. Then he forgot I existed.

Hudson Mackay was the only man I ever wanted.

The man I married. The man who promised to love me "'til death do us part."

Then he disappeared and never came home.

Everyone thinks he's dead. Everyone but me.

Friends tell me to move on. That he's never coming back.

But with every single month that passes, I can't seem to let go.

His best friend Brooks swears I'll never be alone. That he'll always be there.

But the stronger his feelings for me get, the more I realize how wrong they are.

I can't move on. Especially not with him.

Hudson wouldn't want that. But Hudson isn't here.

And soon I learn, Hudson was a liar.

He kept secrets that could ruin us.

Secrets I'll take to my grave.

I never thought I'd get the chance to see him again, to ask how he could betray me.

Until one day, I discover he's alive.

Except, he has no idea who I am.

I never truly knew my husband.

And now, he doesn't know me.

Author Note: This is a standalone. No other books need to be read to enjoy this one. There is no cheating and no OW drama. It has a HEA.

Review of Shattered Secrets by Lilian Harris

Shattered SecretsShattered Secrets by Lilian Harris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 stars. I finally popped my Lilian Harris cherry and devoured her latest mafia romance, Shattered Secrets. Lilian spins an intricate web of love, lies, and betrayal told from dual points of view. This second-chance amnesia-induced romance is unforgettable! I can’t wait to read her other mafia books. Shattered Secrets is a standalone romance, and there is not a cliffhanger ending.

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