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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Excerpt: Used by Kate Dunbar

USED, a brand new standalone romantic suspense from debut author Kate Dunbar, will be releasing on March 8, 2021 on all retailers!  Read an excerpt below. 

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Heartbreakingly beautiful and completely engrossing, Used is packed full of twists, turns, and a gripping romance sure to leave readers emotionally spent and asking for more.

At the age of seventeen, after a decade of lies, hurt, and severe abuse by her brother Lucas, Sabra Valentine is able to breathe.

Lucas is behind bars thanks in large part to Sabra's quick thinking and self-preservation-even if that's one more secret she has to keep.

Now, seven years later, life is moving forward, and Sabra is starting to heal, live, and love again with her friends and Trevor Collins by her side. He's tall, dark, and sexy, and he doesn't fall for Sabra's games. The future is finally looking bright-until one phone call shatters everything.

Used is a romantic suspense with domestic thriller elements. Please be aware that there are topics that may be triggers for some readers, and this work is meant for mature readers.


Trevor moves behind me as we climb through the boulders and follow the path to our destination. He places his hand on the small of my back to help me navigate. I slip on some loose rocks and slide backward. But Trevor reaches around to steady me. Always the gentleman. Always there for me. 

I smile at him and whisper a soft thanks. Reward him with the light touch of my lips on his. The kiss deepens, electricity crackling between us, and I pull away. Trevor lets me go but not before he brushes his fingers across my chest. My nipples immediately harden under his touch and his intake of breath lets me know he felt it too. There’s no hiding it even if he hadn’t felt it. The light of the moon shines bright overhead, illuminating the path before us. And the lace bra, while amazing for its push-up factor, paired with the t-shirt doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Which is exactly why I chose it. 

Trevor pulls me into his arms when I take a quick step forward and slides his hands across my chest. This time they stop when they hit their mark. He gives a slight tug on my nipple through the shirt, growling in my ear, “Are you sure we can’t stop right here?” 

I turn in his arms and grin at him wickedly. “I promise it will be worth the wait.” 

“That’s what you keep saying. And while I fully believe that statement—think I’ve proved that over the years—I think it might be worth taking a quick break.”

I can’t form a reply as the power shifts between us. Trevor pushes his leg between mine, backing me against one of the rocks. It’s taller than I am. Than Trevor is. Our own little cocoon of solitude. 

His mouth locks on mine. Two hands land on my ass, hitching my hips closer to him. His tongue parts my lips and he teases me. My pulse quickens and I pull away gasping for air. It’s all the pause and encouragement he needs, giving him time to grab the hem of my shirt and lift it over my head. 

I don’t stop him. Who can see us now? This is right where I want him. 

I place my hands on his chest, slide them to the top of his jeans, and allow my fingertips to stroke the trail of dark hair leading to uncharted territory. Then I move in, kissing my way up his neck, back to his lips. 

Trevor has other plans. He ducks his head, kisses my collarbone heading south, leaving a path of fire. I close my eyes and feel my body tighten, reacting when his tongue finds my nipple through the lace. We may not get to the blanket after all. 

I pull away, trying not to seem too eager, but Trevor grips my waist and brings me closer. His tongue slides, sucks and flicks my nipple through the lace bra. My arms make their way around him and I play with the hair at the back of his neck. 

It can’t possibly get any better than this. His fingers move to the lace cupping my breasts and release me into the air. I feel his warm mouth take in the entire pinkness of my nipple and I’m done. I guess it can get better. 

Trevor: Two, Sabra: Two

His hands roam all over me, rubbing against my bare skin. Through my jeans. My body is short-circuiting. It’s wet everywhere that matters. I’m going to explode if I don’t get some sort of release soon. 

I move my hands down his hips to the button-fly on his jeans. My fingers tremble with the thought of releasing him and being able to touch him. Taste him. His mouth takes turns, moving between my breasts. It curves into a smile against my chest. He stands with one final flick of his tongue, pulls the lace back over my breast, and takes a small step backward. 

What the hell? 

Trevor’s eyes bore a hole in mine. He smirks at my confusion. “I’d say that was enough of a rest. Should we keep going?” He laughs out loud, a full belly laugh, when he sees the grimace across my face. 

“Really, Trevor? You can just stop like that?”

“I’m sure if your mouth had been on me it would be a different story, but you kept your lips to yourself—for the most part—and, instead, mine were on you.” He slips closer and whispers in my ear, “Tasting you. Sliding over you. And by your reaction, they were doing okay for themselves. It looks like two can play this game.” He takes a step forward. “You coming?” 


Trevor: Three, Sabra: Two. 

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