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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Buzzlist Hot Pick: Savaged by Nacole Stayton is LIVE

Savaged by Nacole Stayton Author is LIVE.  Check out this new romantic/suspense thriller! 

Title: Savaged
Author: Nacole Stayton
Release Date: September 11, 2014
Goodreads List:

Synopsis - The twist of a knife shredded Niko Kincaid’s world all around him, leaving him with two choices—accept his fate and die, or fight to live. 

He chose to fight, but the aftermath became a daily reminder, carved into his once flawless flesh. 

Despite years of self-imposed solitude, Niko hungers for companionship and suffers from an aching loneliness that the darkness cannot satisfy. He temporarily soothes his pain with women, hired women. Their only purpose is to service him. Easy. 

He didn’t expect a complication like Cambree Evans, but desperation corrupts even the most innocent.

When emotions blend with lust, will Cambree's softness and ability to look past Niko's flaws be the one thing that releases him from his own personal hell?

Will the monster in the dark prove that his savaged heart is worth saving?

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