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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

These Violent Roots by Nicole Williams is LIVE!

These Violent Roots, an all-new psychological thriller from New York Times bestselling author Nicole Williams is available now!  Check out my spoiler-free review below. 


Grace Wolff spends her days fighting monsters, and her nights hiding from her own. As a public prosecutor in the sexual crimes unit, she knows more about rapists, pedophiles, and deviants than most people dare to consider.

Dr. Noah Wolff is as acquainted with monsters as his wife. While Grace dedicates her career to putting violent men away, Noah is more interested in rehabilitating them. A renowned psychiatrist specializing in sexual deviance, he counsels a burgeoning number of court-appointed patients wrestling with evil in its vilest form.

When she discovers a long line of pedophile suicides have been murders in disguise, Grace is duty-bound to aid in the investigation. But in her quest to track down the killer, Grace faces an ethical impasse. As a steward of the law, she has an obligation to seek justice for the murders. As a human being, she accepts that “innocent until proven guilty” is laden with loopholes criminals slip through too easily, and too often.

As she hunts the hunter, Grace is forced to acknowledge a complicated truth. To defeat the swell of monsters preying upon humanity’s most innocent, one must become a monster themselves.

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Spoiler-free Review

These Violent RootsThese Violent Roots by Nicole Williams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

These Violent Roots by Nicole Williams is finally here. Grace is a successful prosecutor who puts pedophiles away in jail to rot. Noah, Grace’s husband, is a psychiatrist who specializes in rehabilitating sex offenders. Lines become blurred, and not everything is what it seems between Noah and Grace. This psychological thriller was a little predictable, but a very well written page-turner. 

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