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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Queen Move by Kennedy Ryan is LIVE!

“The joyous, heartfelt romance we need right now!” -- Lexi Blake, New York Times bestselling author

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Queen Move, an all-new powerful and moving, not-to-be-missed second chance romance from RITA® Award-winning and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Kennedy Ryan is available now!

The boy who always felt like mine is now the man I can't have…

Dig a little and you'll find photos of me in the bathtub with Ezra Stern.
Get your mind out of the gutter. We were six months old.
Pry and one of us might confess we saved our first kiss for each other. 
The most clumsy, wet, sloppy . . . spectacular thirty seconds of my adolescence.
Get into our business and you'll see two families, closer than blood, torn apart in an instant.
Twenty years later, my "awkward duckling" best friend from childhood, 
the boy no one noticed, is a man no one can ignore.

Finer. Fiercer. Smarter. 

Tell me it's wrong. 
Tell me the boy who always felt like mine is now the man I can’t have. 
When we find each other again, everything stands in our way--secrets, lies, promises.
But we didn't come this far to give up now. 
And I know just the move to make if I want to make him mine.

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Review of Queen Move
Queen MoveQueen Move by Kennedy Ryan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Learning how to play chess and understanding each piece’s value is a lot like the “game” of life—the real game of knowing how every move and relationship serves a purpose. Like the game, every strategic play has an effect on each player. Any good chess player knows that the most significant piece is the Queen.

In Queen Move, Kennedy Ryan tackles social issues that plague our society. Ezra and Kimba are strong, smart, and so very real. I love those traits in Kennedy’s characters. They want to change the world. Kimba and Ezra get it. They get the game; they get each other. Just like in life, you need a strong and understanding partner who values your strengths, weaknesses, and sacrifices; in good times and bad. Ezra and Kimba, and their second chance at winning at love, is a checkmate for me! One-click this book! Queen Move is total Kindle Crack!

Mazel Tov Kennedy. 

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