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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Read for FREE - The Life You Stole by Jewel E. Ann

"Absolutely brilliant. Every book she writes leaves me desperate for more!"

- Ella James, USA Today bestselling author

Jewel E. Ann Books

The Life You Stole, the unforgettable and stunning conclusion to The Life Duet from Jewel E. Ann, is available now!  Check out my spoiler-free review below.  Check out my Instagram for a paperback giveaway. Download your copy today or read FREE in Kindle Unlimited! Try Kindle Unlimited for FREE! 



On the heels of a devastating loss, Evelyn fights to put her life back together. 
Only … part of her husband belongs to another woman, and the devil owns her soul. 

“If you tell her the lie, I will tell her the truth.”

When her best friend goes to great lengths to protect Evelyn from destruction and devastation, mistakes are made, lines are crossed, and all trust is shattered.

“We weren’t unbreakable. 
I just needed to believe we weren’t unrepairable.”

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The Life You Stole Book Review
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thank you to my blood pressure meds for doing your job and getting me through The Life You Stole by Jewel E. Ann.  I’m at a loss for words. I’m blown away by this book, by this writer, gah... just everything about this series. The conclusion was one heck of an emotional roller coaster ride of love, pain, entangled hearts, and bitter twisted love. This book series is the definition of Kindle Crack. 

Romance author

About Jewel 
Jewel is a free-spirited romance junkie with a quirky sense of humor.

With 10 years of flossing lectures under her belt, she took early retirement from her dental hygiene career to stay home with her three awesome boys and manage the family business. 

After her best friend of nearly 30 years suggested a few books from the Contemporary Romance genre, Jewel was hooked. Devouring two and three books a week but still craving more, she decided to practice sustainable reading, AKA writing. 

When she’s not donning her cape and saving the planet one tree at a time, she enjoys yoga with friends, good food with family, rock climbing with her kids, watching How I Met Your Mother reruns, and of course…heart-wrenching, tear-jerking, panty-scorching novels.

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