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Friday, April 24, 2015

Big Love Abroad by Jasinda Wilder is LIVE

Big Love Abroad by Jasinda Wilder is LIVE.  Read an excerpt below from this big love story!

I was finally fulfilling my life-long dream of studying at Oxford University in England. I had a thesis. I had an apartment. The one thing I didn’t have was time for a man. Especially not one as sexy and intriguing and distracting as Ian Stirling. Okay, I mean, maybe I did have a little time for a man. After all, it’s not every day a ripped British sex-god sweeps you off your feet and does dirty, delicious things to you.
Again and again. And again.
For days.  The problem is, Ian was just supposed to be a hunky distraction, but now my heart is craving him like my mouth craves cupcakes.

The full Big Girls/Rock Stars Do It series reading order:
Book 1: Big Girls Do It Better 
Book 2: Big Girls Do It Wetter 
Book 3: Big Girls Do It Wilder 
Book 4: Big Girls Do It On Top 
Book 5: Big Girls Do It Married
Book 6: Big Girls Do It On Christmas
Book 7: Rock Stars Do It Harder
Book 8: Rock Stars Do It Dirty
Book 9 Rock Stars Do It Forever
Book 10: Big Girls Do It Pregnant 
Book 11: Big Love Abroad (can be read as a standalone)

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Thoughts were zapped away as Ian let my jeans and underwear fall in a heap 

around my ankles. On shaky legs I stepped out of them, one at a time, 

forcing my muscles to obey despite my fear and uncertainty and worry and 

discomfort. Despite my best efforts, my insecurities revealed themselves 

again. They were, in fact, rising to the surface as Ian’s hands roamed down 

my hips, sliding around to sweep soft yet insistent caresses over my ass, 

cupping one side and lifting, and then the other, and then both sides, his 

hands squeezing, kneading. His mouth was on my shoulder, and I tilted my 

jaw up to face him. His lips met mine, his tongue drifted between my teeth 

and his right hand now moved in a circuit from my shoulders down my spine 

to slide over one hip and then across my lumbar region to my opposite hip, 

and then to my ass, where he remained for a moment or two before 

ascending once again. His other hand held my cheek and jaw, his thumb on 

my cheekbone. Ian’s kiss stole the thoughts from my brain and the 

insecurities from my heart, and his caressing hands enflamed the hot fires of 

need inside

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