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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Are you down under? Aussie Author Invasion Event

I love my Aussie authors and wish I was going to this event.    Check out this  amazing list and contact the lovely ladies at Give Me Books Blog for information

Aussie Author Invasion
June 7th & 8th

We would love you to join us this weekend for our Aussie Author Invasion.
Come and hang out with the following authors:

Lili Saint Germain
Carmen Jenner
Bella Jewel
Missy Johnson
J B Hartnett
Chantal Fernando
Rachel Brookes
Skyla Madi
Lola Stark
Lisa Swallow
Lesley Jones
Aria Cage
Kerri Williams
Becca Lee
Pepper Winters
Belle Aurora
Kylie Scott
Kasey Millstead
Jennifer Ryder
K M Golland
Jani Kay
Nina Levine
Komal Kant
Kate McCarthy
Maya Cross
Kirsty Dallas
B J Harvey (NZ)
Megan Keith
Lilliana Anderson
T J Hamilton
Marita A Hansen (NZ)
Lauren McKellar
Lila Rose
T Gephart
Cari Silverwood

Contact the ladies at Give Me Books for more info:

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