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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

NEW M/M ROMANCE - Read the first chapter of Play Hard by J.T. Fox!

Read the first chapter of Play Hard by J.T. Fox.  This m/m sports romance sounds like a touchdown!

Release date: 1/4/16


WARNING: Contains two dirty-talking, hard-f*cking, no-apology-making alpha males. 

Read at your own risk.

Wanting him is the riskiest play of all...

Miami star quarterback Jordan Barr is the hottest man that halfback Eric "The Brick" Higgins has ever laid eyes on, and he's wanted him in his bed for years.

When a chance encounter puts the two pro football players in the same town, the same TV studio, and the same locked room, the sparks don't just fly, they burn. The chemistry them is intense, immediate, and explosive and Eric isn't about to miss his chance to have Jordan off the field. He'll have Jordan naked in his bed—rumors of game fixing haunting both of their teams be damned.

Eric is one extraordinarily stunning man, and Jordan would love nothing more than to show Eric what it's like to be taken by someone who knows exactly what he wants, in the bedroom and out. But Jordan has bills to pay and far too many responsibilities to throw caution to the wind.

He has to resist. But it's getting hard....

Really, really hard.

Play Hard is the first installment in a three-part MM romance trilogy and ends in a cliffhanger.



Another roll of thunder boomed, shaking the walls of the Tampa TV station as Eric followed the redheaded intern through the dimly-lit hall toward the green room. He would be soaked to the skin if his driver hadn’t walked him from the limo to the glass doors of the skyscraper underneath a giant golf umbrella. He was glad he’d listened to his agent’s advice and hired a car and driver instead of a rental convertible for the trip. 

Sure, he wanted to feel the wind in his hair, but that would have to wait for a 
weekend when he didn’t have to worry about looking pretty for the camera. 

“What a storm, huh?” The intern glanced back at him with a wide, double-dimpled grin that lit up her pretty face.

She was a cute one. He was sure most men went crazy for her girl-next-door good looks.

“Should I call you Brick or do you prefer Eric?” she asked.

“Well,” he said, glancing at her name badge, “Kim, I like how both names sound rolling off your tongue. Do I detect a hint of southern belle?”

She giggled. “Born and raised a Georgia peach. I’m a senior at UGA, interning here in Tampa this semester.”

“Georgia. Never was a fan, but you might change my mind. The SEC sure does 
have the prettiest women around.”

“And the best football, too,” she teased.

Eric couldn’t argue that point. His years playing for Florida State had taught him to never underestimate any SEC team. They were sneaky bastards who came up from behind to take a national title from their opponent and never look back. 

Couldn’t take it from him, though. He’d been there, won that. As a second-string halfback his sophomore year, he’d never expected to get a chance to play, especially in the title game against Georgia. Then suddenly, the first string player tore his ACL and the assistant offensive coordinator yelled for Eric to fill in. 

Before he could say, “Go ’Noles!” Eric was on the field scoring the winning 

His life hadn’t been the same since.

“I have a small request, and I hope you don’t mind,” Kim said. “But your agent said you’d be willing to sign some autographs before the interview. You’ve got quite a gathering of fans waiting for you.” 

He flashed a grin. “Don’t mind at all. I’m as quick with a pen as I am on the field.”  Eric winked, his smile transforming to a booming laugh as Kim opened the door to reveal a room packed wall to wall with Marauders fans, mostly women holding pictures, notebooks, jerseys, and Sharpies. 

“Hello ladies!” he said, turning on the charm since this was, quite simply, one of his favorite parts of the job. Not the sea of women, per se. But the adoration. The love for the game and the love for The Brick. 

God, it felt so fucking good to have fans.

The moment he stepped through the entryway, a din of feminine screams drowned out the loudest roll of thunder so far. The storm outside couldn’t compare to the swirling tempest of excitement in this room. When Eric “The Brick” Higgins was in play, even Mother Nature should be prepared to take a backseat.

Eric spied a couple of young boys to his left and made a beeline for them first. He hated to make kids wait and knew the mamas in the room would love him even more for showing his soft side to their sons. “What’s your name, tough guy?” he asked the smaller of the two.

“Dylan.” The boy’s chocolate brown eyes went wide in his face.

“Dylan, do you play football?” Eric knelt down to be on Dylan’s level before taking 

the glossy headshot from the boy’s hand and signing it with a Sharpie that seemed to appear out of thin air. 

“No, sir. My brother does. I will when I’m bigger.” 

“Are you his brother?” Eric turned to the older boy next to him, signing the jersey he held.

“Yes, sir. And that’s my mama and my baby sister.” He pointed proudly to a tired-looking woman with tightly curled brown hair, holding a sleeping baby in the corner of the room. “My name is Christopher. I’m seven and a half. You came to visit my football camp this summer. I’m fast like you and getting faster every day.”

“I just bet you are. And I remember you, man. You were tearing it up out there.” 

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