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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Review - Dying for Rain by BB Easton is LIVE!

“You’re like . . . Post-Apocalypse Barbie now.”
Dying for Rain (The Rain Trilogy # 3), the highly anticipated conclusion to The Rain Trilogy from BB Easton is out now! Dystopian or post-apocalyptic romance fans will devour this book series. You can read it for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!   Grab the first book for only 99 cents on Amazon.  Check out my spoiler-free review and the series reading order book list below. 

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Read this series in order!

-Praying for Rain (The Rain Trilogy #1) on sale for 99 cents

-Fighting for Rain (The Rain Trilogy #2)

-Dying for Rain (The Rain Trilogy # 3)

Review of Dying for Rain
Dying for Rain (The Rain Trilogy, #3)Dying for Rain by B.B. Easton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
The end is finally here! The end of The Rain Trilogy, that is. Dying for Rain (The Rain Trilogy #3) by BB Easton was beyond epic. Imagine trying to survive in a world where you be as assassinated for helping a person in need of medical help? Only the strongest will survive.

I’m not going to spoil this book for you. I know if you read the first two books, there’s not a chance in hell you are going to miss what happens to Wes, Rain, and their group of friends. BB serves up murder, mayhem, and true love in this game-changing bad-ass final book. I’m going to miss these Wes and Rain.

I have to say, I’ve never been a huge fan of dystopian or post-apocalyptic romance books until now! BB flexed her writing bandwidth with this trilogy.

“You’re like . . . Post-Apocalypse Barbie now.”


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About BB Easton
BB Easton is a best-selling, award-winning author, artist, psychologist, wife, and mother who loves drinking, cursing, and staying up late mining for humor in the darkest of places.

BB began painting as a pierced, punk ass teen, but decided to pursue a career in school psychology due to her compassion for those with mental illness and a desire to work with children with autism. Unable to turn off her creative side, BB decided to take a few years off to raise her two small children (Baby BB and Mini Ken) and indulge in all of her artistic whims, primarily having pink hair and writing embarrassingly candid novels about her delinquent past and deviant sexual history. Her husband is suuuper excited about it.

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